Correx – Corrugated PVC Board

Correx is a very popular signage material, vastly used as quick, low cost advertising signage. This is because it is a very affordable material that can be changed regularly without hurting your advertising budget. Correx boards are comprised of a strong corrugated plastic, also known as corrugated PVC board.  Its is perfect sign material as it is not expensive, very light weight, tough and extremely versatile material. With the added benefit of being installed indoord or outdoors.

With exquisite print quality on our state of the art UV 3000mm X 1500mm  flat bed printer, we can print an affordable sigh that best suits your needs. We provide a full colour large format printing service which is fully customisable. From the shape of the sign to what is printed on it. Your Correx sign will be light, strong and weather resistant with the eye catching impression you want to make. At an affordable price with superior quality

We print an manufacture all our signs at are facility in Telford, Shropshire. We pride ourselves on the providing your the sign you want. We achieve this my working closely we you through the whole process and allowing you to take full control over the design.  As the people which really now and understand your company and marketing needs is you. Our design team are at hand to help with image quality, design support and in stallion requirements.

Uses for Correx Signs:

  • Estate agent signs,
  • Boxes
  • Toblerone boards,
  • Lamppost Signs
  • Temporary Signs
  • Bollard Covers
  • And much more.