There is no architectural material that is more versatile and beautiful than glass. With a stunning range of effects, fixings and production processes, glass is one of the ultimate contemporary mediums.

It’s stylish, sharp lines enhance interior and exterior spaces stunningly and, with intelligent lighting methods such as LED illumination, glass creates an atmosphere that captivates attention and draws the eye.

It has a vast range of applications from small, discrete signs and displays to large directory signs and architectural signage structures, PrintFab produces some of the most inspired glass products across a wide range of sectors including corporate, retail, educational, leisure and community environments.

We combine the aesthetic with the functional requirements for uses such as partitions, roof glazing and external walls. It can provide dramatic decorative effects or simpler designs for privacy or solar control. As well as sprucing up the kitchen by providing a stylish and unique splash-back.


  • Control of solar heat and light transmission.
  • Privacy.
  • Flexibility of designs – standard or bespoke.
  • Combining the aesthetic with the functional.

Any of our colours can be colour matched to the colour of your choice meaning the new component will not effect the ambiance or atmosphere of the room. All you have to do is provide us with a sample of your paint or  RAL Code and our colour technicians will do the rest.

If you want something a bit more special and you have a company logo, brand or just a picture you really, really, really like all you have to do it send us an email with a JPG or PNG of your image and we’ll be happy to print is as long as the resolution is big enough for printing.