Polycarbonate is an extremely adaptable substrate with a gloss finish. It has become more common within the signage industry. Particularly in applications where the is risk high impact, risk of fire and optical properties. It is nearly indestructible as it 250 times stronger then glass, in the equivalent thickness. Plus it is half the weight of glass making easy to install and perfect for environments where safety is vital.

The benefits to polycarbonate’s are that they are easy to cleans, with the best choice is using a 100% cotton cloth. It also has a high chemical resistance, weather resistant and it expands and contract with temperature change.With out any long term or permanent shrinkage. It also has a low level of flammability.

Polycarbonate applications  signage

  • Exterior sign faces.
  •  Any sign needing to be vandal proof.
  •  Office building signs.
  •  Directional and informational signage.
  •  Trade show exhibits.

It is an superb product when you require a high-quality finish. Polycarbonate’s are well suited to a three-dimensional effect given the right thickness. This is achieved by using clear polycarbonate and applying the background colour of your choice to the reverse side. This material is also perfect for CNC router as we can incorporate your company logo into a 3D platform and then print your company colours on the reverse to really bring to life your company design and logo.

3D Routered Signs.