These materials can be processed into 3d routered signs, printed signs or incorporated into cabinet making, construction hoarding and carpentry.

Here at PrintFab we can provide two options here we can print directly on to a wooden surface a or we can router the message into the wood.

Wooden message plaques are a great way to express joy, love, humour and inspiration. The painted solid wood signs make wonderful gifts for family and friends, or a gift for yourself if you need a little inspiration around your home.

You can find a quote or phrase which has meaning to your or your family and friends or something which is important to you in your life from our great selection of shabby chic, vintage, distressed and painted signs. In fact, we have such a large number of wooden message plaques and wooden inspiration signs you should easily be able to find something to suit any personality.

Moisture resistant MDF and most come in a variety of sizes. They are cut using a CNC router and then hand finished. Examples include individual free-standing letters and numbers, & signs, name plaques and joined words. They can be used for many types of crafting.We have a wide range of products from Hearts, Stars, Quotes, Animals, Letters, Words, Bunting, Blank/Detailed Shapes and everything else to cover all occasions.

Ply Wood
OSB Board
Natural Woods