POP Point of Purchase display.

Increase both product awareness and sales revenues with POS / POP point of purchase displays. PrintFab can help you produce eye-catching bespoke POS systems. Point of purchase displays are a must have in any retail store or showroom, lead your customers to suited products to improve both customer experience and profitability.

PrintFab understands the importance of point of purchase displays and offers a fully customisable package including all the printing, cutting and fabrication of your displays. We work closely with shop fitters to ensure the perfect display solution is manufactured.

Point of Purchas Display Printing 

We are specialists in large format printing. We print large-format images with the highest resolution onto most materials sized up to 1500mm x 3000mm x 100mm. Unlike most other printing styles we can print white allowing us to provide a sharper, brighter print and not rely on the base materials being white to reveal a white background. It allows us to print light and pastel colours on to dark or black substrates.

Point of Purchas Cutting & Shaping  

We offer a wide range of cutting and shaping services to help make your printed products and components bespoke. We have a state of the art manufacturing facility housing a range of cutting & shaping process lines. Everything we manufacture is compleated in-house allowing for a rapid turnaround with the highest standard.

By utilising the latest cutting technology we can process a wide range of materials from foams to metals. We are the only print fabricator in the UK housing abrasive water jets, standard waterjets, laser machine, press machines, thermoformable bending and a CNC router with image detection cutting.

To learn more about our advertising boards please don’t hesitate to call 01952 947390 or email info@printfab.co.uk.