CNC Routing Services

PrintFab offers bespoke CNC Routing Services. We have a state of the art twin head CNC router with a 3270mm x 2640mm  x 250mm material cutting capability. It has over 20 cutting tools used to process a wide range of materials from plastics to steel. PrintFab offers CNC routing services across all sectors and gives full access to our nesting and programming software. PrintFab offer rapid turnaround subcontract CNC machining!


The AXYZ router can engrave, cut, shape and create 3d shapes out of a wide range of materials. It allows us to create bespoke products and components with short lead times and exceptional quality. We can programme both 2d and 3d cutting paths and cut the outline of a print using our vision system.

AXYZ Vision System

We offer bespoke CNC Routing Services that cannot be easily replicated. By using our vision system we can print onto the material first and then cut the image out. This allows us to manufacture bespoke printed products and components with a unique shape. Press here to learn more.

CNC Routing Services

Signmaking – All types of 2D and 3D signs in woods, metals and plastics
Metal Fabrication – Non-ferrous part manufacturing
Plastic Fabrication – Engineering plastics, retail and point of sale
Solid Surface – Process modern and traditional materials
General Woodworking – Furniture, shopfitting, scenery production and more
Graphics and Print Finishing – Cut-to-print using multiple tools for all materials
Exhibition Stands – Large format routing for all requirements
Scenery and Sets – Fast turnaround and high-quality processing
Interiors – Multi-purpose routing and engraving in all materials
Point of Purchase – Display stands, fixtures and fittings

Materials & Products

Laser Cut Acrylic